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Just like when you buy and share a bag of onion, a bag of red bell pepper or even a basket of tomato in Mile 12 market. Bulk Sharing / Bulk Purchase makes meal planning and grocery shopping on a budget possible by allowing customers to share bulk items or buy bulk items alone at wholesale price. Hence, allowing customers to save up to 10% or more once every week.

You no longer have to struggle when sharing groceries. Whether they are new products or your favourite items week after week, you can always count on low prices in this bulk purchase section.

Our selection is carefully chosen to offer customers the best deals at the best possible quality. We are proud to offer fresh meat, fish, quality fruits, vegetables, condiments, grains and more. Items here will also include seasonal products.

Atarodo (red habanero pepper)



Tatashe (red bell pepper) and more.


We currently offer one delivery option for the bulk purchase, which is the Standard delivery. Standard Delivery is delivery within 24hrs. We advice that orders should come in before 7am daily for a more effective delivery. Orders after 7am will be fulfilled within 48HRS.

Questions on bulk purchase should be addressed to the Mary’s  Croft Customer Care Line  09020518845 and any other customer care line stated on the website. An email can also be sent to maryscroftng@gmail.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]