Brown in color. Ginger is versatile. Item serves as a spice for cooking and as medicine,you can throw it in your smoothie, grate some on a stir-fry, add it to soup or sip ginger tea.


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SEASONING FROM MARY’S CROFT:Fresh groceries in this category includes ata jos, Bay leaves, Crayfish, stockfish, Ginger, native garlic, palm oil, Salt, vegetable oil, locust beans and more. Imagine trying to cook banga soup with palm nut already crushed and served, you can add your achi for even better taste and crayfish for that extra deliciousness. Yummy! These are fresh groceries that enhances or complement the flavour of your dish and are all available in varieties and measurements. These also improve the aroma of your meal and are filled with healthy nutrients which can be conventionally gotten from Mary’s Croft. With the options to have your delite, washed or not, blended or not, Mary’s Croft shop fresh groceries from various farms and sellers in Nigeria suitable for individuals, family, caterers and restaurants so whether you are looking to buy in retail or in bulk. We have a wide variety of fresh items that you can select from to make your cooking easy for a delicious meal. Get fresh produce for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, swallow or native soup, occasion and more. Most of these items can be kept in its original packaging and put inside the fridge or just left on a shelf at room temperature. These items are very affordable and ensure that you get value for your money. So why won’t you take advantage of our convenient payment, shopping methods and have your items delivered to you anywhere in Lagos.

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40kg, paint


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