This is a product of NIJI FOODS , carefully produced from fermenting and milling cassava. Product contains no preservative


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GRAIN AND GRANULES FROM MARY’S CROFT: Fresh groceries in this category include Olotu beans, Oloyin beans, Small white beans, Big white beans, Rice, raw and roasted groundnut, ijebu garri, Yellow garri, Yam flour, White corn, Yellow corn, soya beans, Guinea corn, beans flour, Niji White garri, Vitamin A garri, Niji fufu, Niji garri, yam flour, Ofada rice, Pap and more. All are available in varieties and measurements. They are filled with healthy nutrients and can be conventionally gotten through Mary’s Croft. You can make the granules into swallow by boiling in hot water over heat to be eaten with any spicy soup of your choice. It’s just like making eba which is made from boiling white garri or yellow garri in hot water while the pot is on mid-low heat. Ready to eat when it has reached your desired thick consistency. some of the grain can also be used to make soup for your swallow or just eaten alone. So You can purchase beans to make gbegiri or just cook your beans to eat as porridge. Mary’s Croft shops fresh groceries from various farms and sellers in Nigeria suitable for individuals, family, caterers and restaurants so whether you are looking to buy in retail or in bulk. We have a wide variety of fresh items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, swallow or native soup and occasions that you can select from to make your cooking easy for a delicious meal. Most of these items can be kept in its original packaging or in an air tight container on a shelf/ a cupboard at room temperature. These items are very affordable and ensure that you get value for your money. So why won’t you take advantage of our convenient payment, shopping method and have your items delivered to you anywhere in Lagos.

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