Catfish Could Breed Worms, Here’s How To Clean It!

Ever wondered why a fish would have cat added to its name? You guessed right, its whiskers! Though unlike other fresh fish, a catfish is without scales on the body but has mucus (slime) and sometimes with an unpleasant smell of mud. In order not to spoil the dish during cooking, it’s better to carefully remove the slime and the odor.

Even though there are no scales on the body, not everyone knows how to clean catfish because it needs a special approach to cleaning the unpleasant odor and the spikes(fins) that can cause significant wounds.


So, Let’s start with knowing how to clean catfish at home;

Alum can work the magic; it’s just like the way it is with cleaning snails.

Some people have also testified to the use of ash, salt, lemon, lime and the list goes on.

  1. First of all, make sure the catfish is dead, otherwise it can injure the cook. Catfish is a very strong fish so start by chopping off the tail and divide the fish into parts so it becomes easy to clean the internal organs. Catfish are known to roll in mud; hence it is easy for anything to breed inside of them especially the fish’s head as it contains a lot of blood and can hoard worms easily when compared to the other parts of the fish, so special attention has to be paid to it


2. After this, the skin should be cleaned to remove mucus and partially rid any unpleasant odor. To do this, roll the catfish in salt and leave for 5 minutes.

3. Then rinse by scraping off the mucus from it, using a hard sponge or scraping off the mucus with the blunt side of the knife blade.

4. as for the head, add some salt and a little lime to help with the thorough cleaning process.

5. It should be cleaned until the skin acquires a light shade. If this did not work out the first time, you can repeat the procedure until its completely cleaned.


Once the fish is clean, use it with your favorite recipe or you can decide to store by 2 ways;

  1. freeze it fresh in the fridge immediately after washing
  2. Oven – Dry it to remove its moisture using an oven