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How To Cook Efo Riro Using Shoko (Lagos Spinach)

There are different types of vegetables in Nigeria. If you want to mix vegetables for efo riro, you should try efo Shoko (Lagos spinach), efo Tete (Kallaloo) and efo Igbo (African egg plant leaf) together. It can also be prepared using one of the different vegetables mentioned.

To explain how to cook efo riro here, we would be using efo shoko also known as lagos spinach.

Efo riro is a rich vegetable soup, originated from the Western part of Nigeria, Yoruba land.






wash the soko vegetables in warm water to get rid of its dark juice


iru horo
iru horo



  1. Boil and season all the meats (Cow tripe, chicken or assorted meat, Beef, snail, pomo (cow skin) with salt, lots of chopped onions and seasoning cube. Halfway through cooking, add the shredded Eja shawa / agbodo (dried fish) to soften and more flavor to the stock.
  2. blend the Tatashe(red bell pepper) and ata rodo(red habanero pepper) into a nearly smooth paste, then boil to reduce the liquid till it forms a thick paste to avoid a watery soup
  3. Rinse the iru(locust beans), crayfish and eja kika(dried catfish) thoroughly. Dice the onions and set aside.
  4. Heat up palm oil and fry the onions till it is translucent. Add the boiled pepper and Iru and fry till there’s a thick paste,

Once it is fried, add the meats, and ground crayfish to the pot.


Lower the heat, Add small amount of stock into the pot to dilute the paste slightly and stir to allow the meats absorb the flavor of the pepper, iru and crayfish. Let this cook for 5 – 7 minutes.

  1. Add the efo shoko(lagos spinach) ( Before using, cut these vegetables and make sure you wash them thoroughly with hot water or salt to kill bacteria). Add eja kika(dried fish) so it doesnt scatter then stir and allow to simmer to improve the flavor of your soup. Don’t over-cook the vegetable(s).
  • Serve with rice or swallow of your choice. Feel free to comment and share